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Blanchard Vision Corporation

Address 1552, King ouest ,
sherbrooke, quebec, Canada, J1J 2C3
Website www.blanchardlab.com

Company Description

Blanchard Contact Lenses, a CooperVision specialty eye care company, is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom-made GP contact lenses, with a specialization in scleral lenses. Our proprietary Onefit™ family of scleral lenses are an industry-leading design, supplying eye care professionals with contact lenses of an exceptional quality and with advantages not found with other contact lens products. We have earned a reputation of excellence for innovative designs, quality workmanship and an unparalleled focus on consultation and partnership with our customers. Over the years, substantial investments have been made in human resources, research and development, and machinery that maintains and advances our ability to supply only the very best contact lenses and support services.


With distributors in 24 countries, Blanchard’s lenses are embraced and fit with excellent results throughout the world.  Blanchard is located in Manchester, NH and Sherbrooke, Quebec.